October is GONE – Here Come the Holidays!!

So, I’ve been suffering from writer’s block or busy-ness overload or something….It’s been very hard to sit and gather my thoughts. Here’s what I have:

For the most part, the neighborhood seems to have survived Hurricane Matthew, relatively unharmed. The most notable loss was that of the large Ficus Tree at Pierce and Kelso…. We are, however, grateful that there was no serious damage to the occupants or home located on the property. I hope that none of you had family or loved ones to our north that suffered any serious losses due to Matthew’s visit. The question now is, are YOUR shutters down? It’s safer to take them down. Leaving them up will send a message that may be interpreted as “no one is here right now, come on in and help yourself to our belongings!!”

Late September and early October also saw the loss of two long time and much loved neighbors, Jasper “Jack” Langley and William “Bill” Earl. Both of these gentlemen will be sorely missed by all. I know that I miss seeing Jack in his red golf cart, with his trust companion Boston, the yellow lab, patrolling the neighborhood and looking out for everyone’s property. Likewise, we’ll all miss Bill Earl sitting in his driveway with a friendly greeting and big smile and wave to all. I especially miss the sound of Bill’s (my fellow early-bird) truck starting up with its throaty rumble, and driving out of the neighborhood on his way to work every day.

In September, the Palm Beach County Commission gave us final approval of our REAP Grant. We can now move forward with our neighborhood Crime Watch Program and designing our banners. We have a year to fulfill our obligation to the County. Do you want to be a Block Captain? We need volunteers to keep an eye out for your immediate neighbors’ homes. It doesn’t cost a thing and will help keep our neighborhood safe and crime free. Please contact me at (561) 301-0123 if you want to volunteer to be your block captain.

Don’t forget that Annual Dues will become due and payable on January 1, 2017. You will be receiving your statements sometime during the early part of December. We are hoping to have an on-line payment system via our bank, PNC, in place so you can choose to pay your dues via check as you have in the past or on-line direct from you to the Bank.

We are trying to take our neighborhood into a virtual world via utilization of electronic newsletters, on line payments, and, eventually, text messaging. If you are receiving this, we’ve got your info. Please encourage your immediate neighbors to let us know their e-mail addresses and to friend our Facebook page so they can be notified of events and other important information relating to our neighborhood.

For the moment, this is all the creativity I can muster. I’m hoping that whatever planets need to align for me to get my mojo back will do so soon!! I will work on getting it back and posting a more informative, entertaining newsletter for November soon!!

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